Accommodating Petite Lil Sexy Japanese & Spanish Cosplay Playmate!!!

Picture Review By House Photographer    Dex - Yumi stats 5'0  104# 32dd  36yo 6  classy tatts

Yumi is a world traveler  whose looking for new experiences! She    has  blank spaces on one of her  tattoos for each of the coming countries that she    intends    to spend time in! She apparently   intends    to travel  until she has conquered all major flags & experienced love in all those countries!    Like most South Americans, she has no apparent  racial preferences or prejudices. She simply loves people & lights up at the opportunity to be around  new people!

Yumi has the soft juicy lips .... and if she consents to kissing fantasy, take your time...

a pretty cute little butt! I could rub on it all day! Even our young 22yo   intern was fascinated  at how    soft and firm her butt is.   Ask her to   lay on  her   stomach  and  enjoy yourself. I had Yumi lay on her stomach for this photo shoot & told her it was all about her butt, I got a little carried away & probably took 2-300 pics...




I played with her butt until she fell asleep then I whispered in her ear that I would continue & she just whispered go ahead!  She enjoyed it   as long as I did!

I've seen that as long as the guy is respectful & a gentleman, Yumi loves to please & will put in the extra effort to let him know she want him to be happy! As a result, members have left   their Yumi meeting  telling us that they were mesmerized! 


 If you like legs & I like legs, Yumi's are are  nice...athletic   without being hard.  Pretty   & completely  supple...  so for the sake of   saving me from appearing to have been a Yumi fiend, lets say half of this photo shoot was about her legs! 

    Extra :  This is what some have said about Yumi....Easy to get along with/bubbly personality  -- She    really enjoys people so she    really tries  to figure out what will work for each! Never rushes always giving an epic experience & a reason to remember her!

Check out these pics from her  video 


"Japanese Fairy Yumi Rio Stalked   by a    Giant!"