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More show cards near bottom - & find                                                          out about our Burlesque Shows!


Daily variety of anytime, member interactive exhilarating one on one, small group or private in person or on camera productions & shows! Come solo, bring a date, clients, crew and select a sensual show that shifts you directly from doldrums to sensual seduction! Enjoy small intimate or private shows with exotic models, erotic drinks, dishes, bumps & grinds! 

Avoid the typical public club's pomp & circumstance to be transformed in our luxury upscale non intimidating home feel villa studio atmosphere tailored to you, romance & your guests! Consider it your home away from home mancave with live thrills waiting for you...


Enjoy spell bounding lifestyle interactions/trainings, primal hunts, snowbunny, family affair fantasies, cosplay, cuckold, bbc, group play & total sensual indulgence crafted to make your heart race & your libido throb! 


 These steamy productions are known for impressing both couples and singles for decades. So what are you waiting for?


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Top 9 Features of our Burlesque Adult Show!

Written as an introduction to those who may be curious or interested or concerned.  This list is in no way meant to be ‘definitive’ or to ‘set the record straight’ about what to expect at a burlesque show our shows are provocative, unique, risky, kinky & whatever else the model may be interested in!  As with all live performance, the best way to experience our burlesque it is to see it in person.  


1. A Variety of Show Formats

Since these shows are member interactive, members have input into the show! For instance the Schoolgirl Burlesque show can be a one one one show or the member(s) might select some aspect of the show: Group participation, ends in a private theme room, lollipop addition, couples only show: the choices are unlimited! Ultimately members decides the show & how it ends! Got a new idea for an act/show, 

All shows feature a host or mistress of ceremony who keeps the show moving forward, introduces acts, and interacts with the audience, which may include audience participation. Performers often come from a variety of backgrounds and have an array of skill sets, and may include dancers, singers, musicians, ballerinas, and, yes, striptease artists.  Modern burlesque acts are usually around 15 minutes, or the length of a few popular songs, though this can vary widely with ‘talking acts’ or headliners who may perform to many songs.

2. Acts that are Off Script & Uniquely Different as the Performers-

Our Burlesque performers are not given a ‘script’ – they come up with their stage personas and concepts for their acts; They choose their music, choreograph their numbers, and usually have input to their costumes if a member has not determined that.  It's this DIY spirit with complete control of one’s perception, that makes the show so appealing.  Some performers like to keep their acts true to classic burlesque, bejeweled gowns, panels skirts, boas, fans, gloves, and stockings etc., while others create acts influenced by popular culture, politics, current events, porn videos and/or familiar archetypes.

3. Each Act is Like a ‘Mini Play’ the acts may each present a different theme

Each act has its own narrative, story, tone, and message.  The ending of a striptease act may be more about a resolution or release of the tension of the story, or the delivering of a punch line or solely about the physical reveal (presentation of  a part or the whole body)! That said, the reveal and the message are often intertwined but can be dependent on each other or independent).  Our Burlesque acts, take the audience on a sensual journey.

4. Over the Top Burlesque Performer Complete Self Presentation

The point of the Burlesque show is to eventually present all of the performer! However that said to build up to that may include a mask, excessive makeup, body paint, an elaborate wig,  If the host is portrayed as a parody of ‘girl-next-door’ expect that image to be completely shattered by the end of the show! 

5. Best Part-No Fourth Wall!

With most traditional theatre or performance genres, there’s a wall at the back of the stage & a wall at either side and an imaginary wall in front of the entertainer separating them from the audience! However the ‘invisible’ fourth wall that divides performers from the audience never exists at our shows because the host wants to party with YOU & will bring the show right to your lap!   This makes our burlesque show more participatory and engaging than your typical entertainment experience.  The fact is that the audience is an integral part of our burlesque show, and participation is expected to add to the carnival like experience!  Feel free to to scream during the traditional take it off Stripper Song or to hum along & kick! Audience members don’t have to sit, hands folded on lap, and wait until the end of the show to show their appreciation.  They do it along the way – with claps, hoots, hollers and screams of laughter and approval.  And that’s just the way the performers like it.

6. Mixed Audience Comprised Mostly of  Women or Swinger  Couples only 3-6 guys invited - always small intimate & audience interactive!

Your Burlesque show audience may be private, a couple (you & a date), join a couple, join a group, bring a crew, customize. Typical burlesque audiences are mixed with demographics that run the gamut from grandmas to girls out for a night on the town.  Couples are frequent attendees.  

7. Modern Political and Social Conscientiousness expressed thru Humor

Modern burlesque is the thinking person’s performance art wrapped up in a sensual or sexual package.  It's good to  be up on current events or you might miss the joke!  Politics & social commentary are often part of the burlesque act.  And even if not overt, there’s still something politically domineering about performers doing whatever they want on stage, force feeding it to an audience, and getting the audience to beg for more! 


8. Burlesque Parodies

Expect Parodies! If there’s one thing that has been consistent about burlesque since its inception is parody.  Parody was an intrinsic part of burlesque, even before striptease emerged.  In fact, ‘to burlesque’ EVERYTHING can be poked fun at .... even your thing!  Nothing escapes burlesque performer's parodic range,  so don’t be surprised if something you hold up as sacred is poked fun at, or something you think frivolous (or perhaps deviant) is celebrated and elevated.  This is what burlesque does – it inverts social norms, pokes fun, and, ultimately, is meant to BE fun. 

9. Expect the Unexpected

Welcome to our world of burlesque!  If there’s one thing you will learn from visiting our burlesque show is that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.  As with any kind of live performance, the best way to experience it is to go to a show.  Go with an open mind.  And expect to be entertained! 

Can't wait to see you HERE!