Since we know that people can't stay in the house forever nor do they want to and humanity would cease to exist as we know it

if we continue to stay six feet apart .... we practice REAL safe Covid-19 health procedures!

"First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."   President Franklin D. Roosevelt 

We have been retreating in fear with regards to COVID-19 rather than releasing the truth about it. REAL Americans are always advancing not retreating in fear ... we need REAL leadership.

For an antidote to be the best, it has to be cheap, readily available, and work extremely well to inhibit the effects of coronavirus on the population at large without discrimination (monetarily or racially) & have little or NO side effects! Everyone should be able to take it & it should help our bodies in other ways besides coronavirus... Is that something we can count on our government to produce?


POLICY: We do not want the Coronavirus neither do we want to get it & give it to others although it is likely that the entire population will have to deal with it at some point! However, we are not afraid of getting it as that we have built up our immune system & know it is up to the task because of our concern for others, not any law or rule, we have adopted the following Safety Procedure!

As a member responsible measure, we have purchased hundreds of surgical masks which we are providing to members FREE when you come to meet! If you have a mask, you are encouraged to wear it without judgment from anyone here. We know people say they do not do much but if any visitor is coughing or sneezing, it becomes contained in the mask & not floating around in the air. If we cough or sneeze, our visitors are protected!

Prior to all visits: We maintain an air purification system that constantly scrubs the air for viruses & germs! All bathrooms are bleached, handles are bleached & toilets left in the Men's position. All handles, bowls, sinks, switches are sanitized with bleach.

Prior to Entrance: Shoes are left outside the door, offered a mask/temperature checked. Hands sanitized. If you have a temperature, you will not be allowed to enter.

Visit: You should immediately see & hear an air purifier. Expect to be taken immediately to a Theme Room. Your temperature may be retaken, hands may be re-sanitized or other measures to the model's liking! If you have a temperature, she can choose to not continue the meeting. If you do not have a temperature, you may enter with or with your mask based on the model's interest so ask her what her preference is? Accepting the meeting indicates you understand and agree the mask on or off is the model's choice - since you are not contagious and we are not either plus we are supplemented to suppress the virus, some visits with repeat members are with the mask off because we see them regularly enough to know their health situations & that they have not had time to contract the virus!

If you would like some zinc, just ask! Even one 50mg pill will help if you feel like something is trying to catch you!

​Visit Part 2: Shower time is immediate once a member is in a theme room. Clothes placed in a plastic chair we disinfect with bleach post-meeting. So there is no clothing contamination with our clothing. After the shower, Members are given a sanitized towel or robe to wear! Members wear a mask at all times during visit upon leaving, the member takes mask with them. After the playtime, Towels, sheets, and robes are washed in bleach & washer/dryer on the sanitize cycle! After the member leaves the clothing area, all handles, bathrooms are all bleach disinfected!

Post-visit, we maintain an air purification system that constantly scrubs the air for viruses & germs! All bathrooms are bleached, handles are bleached & toilets left in the Men's position. All handles, bowls, sinks, switches are sanitized with bleach. Our dishwasher is run on the sanitize feature & bleach is added to the startup. Any manual dish cleaning is done in bleach water.

Plus other health safety measures & procedures are in place such as air scrubbing germ-killing systems in place (house-wide, at the entrance, in open areas plus extensive cleaning and sanitation as soon as a visitor departs as we have always have been in the practice of maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. Enjoy our corona-virus safe environment!

We have reduced the number of members we are inviting/day to 4 or less/hour - mind you, we host in a villa with many many rooms social distancing is not a problem! Members with the oldest membership get priority! 

You support us-We support you! We've always protected members legally & discretely, now we add safety for Corona-virus too!

We are corona-free & intend to stay stronger than corona-virus & all viruses. Learn to boost your immune system to help fight the virus as well as colds & the flu! We have been cold & flu free for years even when around people with symptoms even though we do not take flu shots! Education & procedures, not fear, drives our COVID-19 Safety Procedures! As a result, we have a CORONA-VIRUS safe environment!

If you can think of more we could do, we're open to suggestions! Otherwise, come here and have some fun in our Corona-virus safe environment!