Membership, Model Member or Party/Event/Show/Class  Reservation Request

Making your appointment/reservation request indicates you understand & agree to this Reservation Contract

Membership & meeting is free, gift for admission when you arrive! However, there are some Membership Specials that must be prepaid to take advantage of!

This is a free site, there is no place to enter a credit card. We do not care what your real name is, nor are we interested in any other personal info. You do not have to worry about the site being hacked if your real info is not included! You must have a text number (plenty of free text services) and email address that you can receive address instructions to and be able to receive the Reservation Request Confirmation email that you will receive when you submit this reservation request. You must be able to show the Confirmation Email from your phone when you arrive for your interaction, it is how we know you are the person to meet.

Finally, you must be sincerely interested in an alternate adult lifestyle experience with a new friend to complete this request! This is a reservation request. Your reservation is confirmed when you receive the address to meet! Members support their club by a voluntary gift for Party Admission or to be Introduced to a Model Member, Host Private Introduction Time, or for whatever purpose they choose. Members are not allowed to pay models. There is no up-selling nor any additional charges nor discussion of services, interests, or personal information with a Model Member. DO NOT WANDER OFF TO OTHER PAGES IN SEARCH OF MORE PHOTOS UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE RESERVATION REQUEST BELOW ALSO DO NOT EXPECT TO BE GRANTED ACCESS TO VETTED MEMBERS ONLY PAGES UNTIL YOU ARE VETTED (COMPLETED 2 OR 3 MEETINGS).

Before we meet, the member that sent you here wants you to know they are the most fun, sexiest and safest friend you can meet in person and they are not meeting to entrap you nor cause you any legal harm! They are giving you that in writing because it will stand up in court, so you are protected legally! And they want to make sure you are not entrapping them nor meeting them to cause any legal harm. As a result, please read this Reservation Contract completely to understand that they seek to legally protect both you and them.

Reservation Contract (hereinafter referred to as "Contract") - Only five brief paragraphs!

We both understand that the person you or anyone representing you (hereinafter referred to as "you")  seek to meet is not a stripper, nor escort nor providing any massages & does not use those words & prefers if you didn't use those words either. If you want: massage go meet a masseuse, escort/stripper get someone that agrees that they are an escort/stripper. Actually, the person you seek to meet is not providing any services at all nor any services for money. Rather they are an independent; new millennium thinking; highly sensual or sexual person interested in meeting a like-minded new friend where it appears based on conversations or mutual online interests that we share common alternate adult lifestyle interests like adult fantasy or other adult interests. Additionally, we both affirm that we are each at least 18 years of age legally and of sound mind & health.


So that we can meet & enjoy each other’s company without anyone misrepresenting our mutual interests as something illegal we both understand & agree that we are matched for non-erotic & erotic compatibility and we have similar interests in alternate adult relationships. Also all communication we engaged in up to now and once we meet or after we meet is for entertainment purposes only and cannot be used as a contract for anything illegal nor as part of any investigation nor as legal testimony in a criminal court for any reason.

We both understand and agree that any gift suggested or donated to REAL Club USA is for Matchmaking, Introduction, or Safe Neutral Adult Meeting Hosting (hereinafter referred to as "REAL Club USA Services") & nothing else. Also, you can supply a business card to be used to acknowledge the same on the back however failure to do so affirms that gift is not for any other services. Additionally, the purpose of the gift can be indicated by writing "Gift for REAL Club USA, not the representative accepting it" on an envelope and placing the gift inside. Failure to do so affirms that gift is not for the person accepting it nor for any kind of illegal services nor for any service at all other than REAL Club USA's Services.


You agree not to discuss any services, any fees, or any gifts with the member you seek to meet once introduced. The meeting is excluded from representatives of all investigating agencies actively involved in adult activity investigation including news, media, law enforcement, private investigators, and any of their affiliates or associates (exceptions can be requested for members of these groups not involved in active adult interest investigations - those interested in contacting us about any adult activity can contact our lawyer). Meeting while representing any excluded groups or while engaged in an active investigation related to our meeting without disclosure of that fact is agreed to by both parties as a violation and breach of this Contract with the violated party's privacy and Constitutional rights being acknowledged as damaged with liability for damages being acknowledged as the responsibility of the violating party as well as any entity they represent or any entity that will use their testimony. We both agree to this CONTRACT and give Affidavit that it has been digitally witnessed and that we understand and agree with this complete Contract and that ANY additional communication from you or others you represent or that represent you as also agreeing to be bound by this Contract.


The person you are seeking to meet understands and agrees with all parts of this Contract. This legally protects you. Any continued use of this site by you or you making a reservation to meet anyone associated with this site or you meeting anyone associated with this site in person or by you continuing ANY communication of any type with the person that sent you to this site or you communicating with anyone from this site indicates understanding and agreement with this entire Contract.  If you do not agree with any part of this Contract, leave this site, never return, and cease all communication with the person that sent you here and anyone from this site. Continuing to communicate with anyone from this site without reserving is considered harassment & might be considered as intimidation as well with all criminal and civil remedies pursued. Visiting this site more than twice also indicates agreement with this Contract.


END of Contract.


You know now that I am no threat to you legally and I will have no grounds for any legal action with regards to our meeting and neither will you so why don't we just meet & have some FUN getting to know each other! Continue on this page and make your Appointment Reservation Request NOW! Submitting the Appointment Request & showing the Confirmation Email (also it is your Membership identification) when you meet anyone associated with REAL Club USA indicates agreement with all terms & conditions.