Many hotels have turned against people in the adult industry, giving suites to law enforcement to entrap escorts and their guests or sending law enforcement to their rooms if they feel like they are having more than one or two guests per day. In some cases, this results in an arrest or banning them from the hotel or even from the entire franchise nationally or worldwide in some cases as if they were not paying their bill... They do this under the guise of helping with sex trafficking when the overwhelming number of people involved in the adult industry do so voluntarily.

But what are the alternatives? We live in a society where we meet new ones online for fun (tinder, bumble social media, etc) and might not feel comfortable taking them to our home or going to theirs. Some of us enjoy lifestyle sites like swinger & BDSM sites where group play is our interest & we do not want to go to a house where a group awaits or bring a group to our home...

Public swinger clubs provide an environment where a meeting can take place & fun can be enjoyed but usually not with ultimate privacy and certainly not with discretion since anyone can take a pic of you entering, leaving, or laying inside...

That's where the REAL Club Hotel Alternate Program can insure enjoying your Adult Lifestyle Interests no matter how kinky they are will be discrete, private, safe/drama free, upscale, cost-effective, fun & profitable!


DISCRETE - Nothing could be more discrete than you arriving at a nice house! It adds no adult inferences to your visits like being seen enter/leaving a BDSM/Swinger or other Club. No stigma of arriving at a hotel nor having either on your credit card statement...

Discretion is what our private club is all about & it's guaranteed! 

UPSCALE - Our 7 bedroom 6 bath Party Villa can provision anything from a basic space to accommodating a new online friend in an environment fit for a King or Queen for a couple of hours to hosting as if you live here and had a chef, butler (or sexy maid/roommates) or accommodate any fantasy them you can imagine in the upscale well-appointed setting our villa provides!


You tell us how upscale you want your experience to be! 

PRIVATE - Since we are a private adult club, the privacy of what occurs inside is legally protected like doctor-patient, lawyer-client, husband-wife, and is protected against public exposure. We double down on that with a host of add-ons options for entertainers, politicians, athletes & such that include security, transportation with direct non-public entrance, Lords of London Privacy Insurance Protection & more!

How much Privacy do you require? Our basic privacy is extensive however we can tailor Privacy to your needs!

SAFE/DRAMA FREE - You book a hotel room with your credit card. Your husband has access to the card because he is also on the card, and he happens to see the booking & calls you a cheater... He has them meet him at the hotel after you have arrived with your guest for some fun and asks the hotel for a key which they provide because he is your husband... Husband & cheaters arrive at the room & record everything. You get divorced & end up with nothing because you thought meeting at a hotel was safe & discrete... too much inevitable drama! 

You meet an online sugar daddy friend out for dinner at a nice restaurant. A neighbor sees him there & notifies his wife. Sugardaddies always want to waste your time taking you out at no cost before they do anything that is going to cost them like the hotel you have arranged for later! The wife arrives after dinner ends & before you reach the car (also the date has not become profitable because you have not reached the hotel). She attacks you (why don't they ever attack him?) calling you all kinds of names (like prostitute, whore & slut) & physically assaulting you (pulling your hair or your wig off which many police localities do not consider assault ....).  Sure you might have a case but it already has cost you hundreds, maybe thousands but how could you think you could ever be safe or drama-free meeting these online guys in public when you know they all lie... but you were just doing what you had to do to get to the money, now you are out hundreds plus your time.

Meet online friends in a safe non-public environment for dinner. Let his married ass know you can't meet him in public for dinner because his wife might show up but you have a place where you can enjoy dinner & everything else discretely...

Anyone can show up at the restaurant, theater, public club but our club is in a house & no one can enter without permission or a search warrant. Use our Mercedes Black Car Transportation Service that's free within 4 miles & park your cars at the shopping plaza so they are not being tracked by hidden GPS device as they use with

Cheaters and arrive discretely & have a SAFE drama-free evening!

Enjoy a truly drama-free meeting in a neutral location that does not jeopardize either of your home lives!

COST EFFECTIVE - Our Hotel Alternative Theme rooms & private spaces can be reserved by members by the hour(s), day, week, or month! With the appropriate advance notice, anything & everything you desire can be part of your stay experience including lifestyle compatible playmates, adult toys, costumes, Mercedes Black Car Service, dinner from any restaurant, or from our chef & more! Members can have the feel of eating out but in a private environment, not a public one, and the costs are usually the same or less because you can rent our space by the hour or day! All at a cost much less than renting a nice hotel room that you would use for a couple of hours or less!

Meetings can cost less than a hotel with more luxury, space & enjoyment!

FUN  - How can you have fun when you constantly have to look over your shoulder? Lifestyle fun should be as stress-free as possible, we monitor all the stress factors and protect all involved from legal issues! Adult clubs are safe & a legal extension of Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States...that's why they exist publicly and even more exist that are private! Provisions are made so that all enjoy personal security. Discretion is assured by the abundant privacy guaranteed for anyone at home along with additional discretionary measures we put in place to safeguard against stalkers & GPS followers!

Hosting in an environment where you know there are others available for safeguards allows you to explore interests you might not otherwise consider with someone you do not know well like bondage or group play!

We constantly monitor personal safety inside and outside our villa. We monitor safety after you leave until you arrive at your destination not by GPS following but by asking for a text so we know you arrived safely!

TRULY HAVE FUN! Let yourself go and focus on truly having a great time while we handle any distractions!

PROFITABLE - If you are in the lifestyle as a model, actress, provider, a user of services, or whatever...enjoy judgment-free meetings/parties in a safe discrete environment and you will save on hotel fees. Our Hotel Alternative is designed with you in mind...not the general public so you rest assured that your lifestyle, security, discretion & legality concerns are already being addressed so you can focus on your bottom line!


No one can do it all but with a little help, you can look like you have everything going on! And make more money! We offer lifestyle models weekly parties to invite all callers for Meet & Greet or lapdance parties at the villa to increase their profit. Sugarbabies can invite Sugardaddy over for dinner & he will think he is coming to your house for a meal you prepared thus increasing his enjoyment of the experience. Need a place for a week, month, and more? We can provide ongoing lodging in a safe environment & more!  


Having a slow week, we can email blast our members to meet you as one of our models & immediately boost your revenues! 

With our Hotel Alternative Program as a partner, your profitability will rise as much as you can handle!

Enjoy safe discrete, profitable, discrete cost-effective, fun & profitable meetings with our Hotel Alternative Program!