PAC only accepts personal info on the Booking page of this site. To book any Club Events, prospective members must become a member by providing information on the Booking page inside this site. Once reviewed a free basic membership may be provided that allows the new member free alternate relationship matchmaking with other members and for alternate lifestyle party/event compatibility. With free basic membership, the new member is then allowed the privilege of asking explicit questions discretely, to determine if there is enough alternate relationship compatibility to arrange or join Club Events!  The free basic membership is upgraded to include additional privileges and membership length once the new member arrives at Club Events and gifts PAC for the event.9


Any information collected is used to evaluate prospective new members for compliance with our membership terms as well as the ToU and PP. If verification is required, it can usually be completed without talking to anyone based on the information provided. Membership information is not shared with other members since all members trust PAC to only accept members that have agreed to membership terms and willing compliance with our ToU and PP and who have a genuine interest in alternate lifestyle relationships and Club Events.


As a private adult club, discretion is important to us! That really is the point of being a PRIVATE club! We value any info we receive from prospective members in the highest regard and will protect membership info and the member's right to the discretion with the full veracity of the Constitution of the United States of America. PAC holds any member who makes public any private information about Club Events or fellow members liable for the damage caused by making that information public regardless of the reason they divulge it.


All users of this website understand and agree to divulge personal information about other members, prospective members, or Club Events damages members and PAC. Users of the website agree not to talk to anyone under any circumstances except fellow members about specific activities that occur or will occur at any of these Club Events and then only discussing them at Club Events. To invite someone to an upcoming event, simply send them to this website or bring them to an event. It is a violation of this PP or ToU or membership agreement for any prospective members or members to exchange personal information of any type with each other additionally asking for such is a violation of PP and could result in termination of membership without return of any gifts or membership related fees or members being damaged or PAC being damaged. Should members want to contact other members, contact should be conducted through the club provided contacts: such as our emails, phone numbers, lifestyle, and online sites; etc. Nicknames are used at Club Events therefore any name given or used by members should be considered fictitious. Any member witnessing another member violating the PP or ToU or membership agreement is responsible to protect the PAC, ToU, PP, and membership agreement by reporting the violation immediately to any PAC event manager. Failure to report violations could result in termination of membership with no return of gifts and could also result in being liable for damages caused by failure to report. Thank you for agreeing with the PP and understanding how it protects the privacy of all members.