By contacting us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions for membership:

Our goal is to provide our members with a friendly, clean, and spacious environment and enjoyable, fun-filled events in a private setting as to satisfying our member’s preferences, opinion’s, ideas, & fantasies.

Our criteria for membership is different and we pre-screen our members to ensure

you are a good candidate to be vetted for membership:

- You must be 21 years of age or older to become a member - 

" You must respect all members of Real Club at all times "

 All prospective members must complete a Membership Application prior to the party.

If your application is acceptable to the membership committee

it will be confirmed and you will be invited for an on-site interview.

All invited prospective members must come to the event for membership approval.


Please do not come if your application inquiry has not been confirmed via phone or email. 


 All Members and Prospective Members warrant and represent that while attending all events & functions that they are not | nor actively a reporter or private investigator nor work for any publication, radio station, television station, and/or law enforcement and is not obtaining information for public information or exposure.

" You have no rights to private information of staff or members unless

written permission was received from Real Club and its Attorney. "

No Member can bring the following items Cameras, Video Recorders, Tape Recorders any type of recording device,

cell phones, radio, and or transmitting devices or weapons.

In the event a Member brings a banned device they will immediately forfeit their Membership.

We may pursue any legal remedy, at the expense of the offending Member,

available in order to preserve the rights of Members.

Fantasy Introductions & Party Reservations

Terms for Member to Member Contact, 1on1 Model Member Introductions, joining a REAL Club USA party or event.

Terms Free Basic Alternate Relationship 

Matchmaking & Free Membership


REAL Club USA is hereinafter referred to as “PAC”.

REAL Club USA member is hereinafter referred to as “PACMe” or "Member".


Any person or couple seeking to determine Alternate Relationship Compatibility with a PACMe or arrange a Meeting or Introduction with a PACMe(s) or directly contact a PACMe or apply for membership to PAC hereinafter referred to as "PM" or "Prospective Member" understands and agrees to be bound by the following: Privacy Policy of this Website, The Terms of Use of this Website, any and all Membership contracts, terms and agreements,

plus the complete following  Membership Agreement  PM  hereby understands and agrees that PAC is a private adult lifestyle club that reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason or no reason at all.


PACMe understands and agrees that membership is excluded to anyone that is associated with or an employee of or affiliated with or representative of any of the following: Media organization conducting an investigation or News organization conducting an investigation or Private investigation organization conducting an investigation or Law enforcement organization conducting an investigation or Anyone currently under legal investigation or  

anyone visiting PAC meeting or event for the purpose of interviewing PACMe(s) or anyone joining a PAC introduction, meeting, or event to collect information on PACMe(s) or PAC activities or Anyone intending to photograph or record PACMe(s) or PACMe activities or anyone conducting any investigation into PACMe or PAC activities whatsoever or Any activities of the sort whereby activities of PAC or members

will be recorded, reported, shared, or published without the express

written permission of the owners PAC; hereinafter referred to as “Excluded Groups”.


Any PM affiliated in any way with any of the Excluded Groups understands and agrees not to apply for membership since members of the Excluded  Groups are not allowed to apply to PAC for membership nor to be members. Anyone that applies for membership to PAC that is affiliated with the Excluded Groups without notifying PAC of their affiliation with the Excluded Groups on the Membership Form in the Additional Info /Message section is understood and agreed to be violating

PAC and member privacy as well as PAC and member US Constitutional rights and agrees to be personally liable for all damages caused to PAC and members that result from their joining

without notifying regardless of the reason they did not notify.


If PM is affiliated with an Excluded Groups and has a legal issue to discuss or address with a PACMe or PAC management, contact PAC Management using the Contact Page of this website or any of PAC's published email addresses or phone numbers and let us know what you need and our lawyers will be in touch with you. PAC will vigorously pursue all violations of our rights to assemble peaceably and enjoy privacy & happiness!


PM understands and agrees that PAC provides or arranges but not limited to Member to Member Introductions and Adult Parties & Related Events for:


Alternate Adult Relationships, one on one meetings or party; Alternate Adult Relationship Matchmaking, introductions, getting acquainted and exploring common alternate relationship interests; Exploring Alternative Adult Lifestyle behavior; Exploring Swinger and partner swapping Interests; Exploring Fetish, BDSM, FBSM behavior; adult dating, speed dating as defined by PAC, companionship as defined by PAC, and similar activities; (hereinafter referred to as "Club Arrangements"). As a result of the nature of Club Arrangements, anything that occurs between PACMe(s) as a result of participation in any Club Arrangements is the natural inclination of mutually interested members and nothing else. If PM does not agree with this or understand and agree with this statement, do not fill out the Membership form, nor meet any PacMe. Meeting any PacMe after arriving at this agreement indicates understanding and agreement with this statement.



PACMe understands and agrees that the only services PACMe provides are:

Alternate Lifestyle Relationship Matchmaking, 

Member to Member Introductions,

Private Member Parties and Events with Admission,

Private or Member Personal Party Arrangements,

Safe Hourly or Daily Neutral Location Introduction or Party Hosting,

BDSM equipment and gear, other adult equipment, Lingerie & adult clubwear, adult toys, adult items & materials, adult Videos or images, and other items tangible and non-tangible to support Club Arrangements, hereinafter referred to as "Legal Items".


PACMe agrees to only gift for one or more of the Legal Items and to report any request for any interests other than these Legal Items with complete details to PAC event management and on the contact page of this website.


PACMe understands and agrees that PAC's desire for discretion ensures that info collected here is for internal use only or to determine if there is mutual interest in PM for membership. PACMe understands PAC will not use contact info for non-club related activities.


PM understands and agrees that the ads featuring PACMe(s) are placed by PAC due to the fact that PAC has members that are highly interested in Club Arrangements, alternate adult relationships, and related activities as well as being matched with PACMe(s) & PM(s) that are interested in the same. PM understands that PAC performs compatibility matchmaking based on the interests PM has indicated or includes on their membership form or based on ad content. PM understands that they are being matched for alternate relationship compatibility & both PM and PACMe(s) have similar interests in alternate adult relationships, alternate lifestyle behavior, and other adult relationship interests in common when an introduction is offered.


PM understands and agrees PAC uses free and paid adult hosting websites such as free escort sites, free adult hosting sites, and similar as well as paid ad sites to host PAC content and attract new prospective members where hosting sites have visitors that have a high probability for alternate adult relationships and alternate adult lifestyle or behavior interests hereinafter referred to a "Hosting Sites".                                                                                                       

PACMe understands and agrees that using Hosting Sites categories like escorts, strippers, or massage does not indicate that PAC or PACMe(s) are offering those services. PM understands and agrees that the use of Hosting Sites cannot be used in any legal proceeding of any kind to denote that PAC offers services that are consistent with the categories ads are posted in on the Hosting Sites. Additionally PM understands that PAC uses disclaimers on Hosting Sites to denote that PAC is a membership-based company and not designated by the category that ad is placed in on Hosting Sites.


PACMe understands and agrees that all communication engaged in with PACMe(s) up to now & once introduced and after being introduced was and is for entertainment purposes only & cannot be used as a contract for anything illegal nor as part of any investigation nor used as legal testimony in any court proceeding nor used in a

court of law for any purpose whatsoever.


PACMe understands and agrees that any gift suggested on Hosting Sites or by PACMe or implied by PAC management or on this site is for PAC and not the representative collecting it and may be used for PAC business including but not limited to advertising &marketing, hotel fees.  party favors, BDSM gear & toys, lingerie and costumes, videos, glamour photo sessions for model members, contractor fees, booker costs, website development & support, website hosting, travel, and local ground transportation & other related PAC business or used to offset the cost of Legal Items.

A membership card may be provided as a receipt & proof of legal item donated. It is mutually agreed and understood by PM that failure to provide a receipt or membership card indicates understanding and agreement that the gift was for Legal Items.


PACMe understands and agrees that any gifts/donations should be visible upon meeting for Club Arrangements and enclosed in an envelope marked "GIFT for REAL Club USA, not the representative collecting it", (representative may provide an envelope). Members agree not to discuss any services or fees or gifts or donations once with PACMe(s) once PM arrives for a PAC introduction, party, or event. PM understands that discussing gifts or services may constitute illegal activity. PM understands and agrees that failure to provide a gift in a marked envelope is understood to mean

the gift is for PAC and for Legal Items and not for the representative collecting it.


Terms for Member to Member Contact, Introduction, joining a party or REAL Club USA event. Terms Free Basic Alternate Relationship Matchmaking & Free Membership PM and all PACMe(s) agree that they are not meeting at Club Arrangements for the purpose of arrest nor to give citation nor to deliver the summons to other PACME and that whoever violates these provisions of membership, is personally liable as well as the company or agency they represent for any damages caused by meeting for any purpose except to participate in Club Arrangements.



PACMe affirms that they are at least 18 years old and the age stated on the membership form is PACMe's legal age. PAC affirms that all PACMe(s) have confirmed that they are at least 18 years of age.


PACMe agree to accept a free membership to PAC and you agree to donate whatever gift you have decided to donate for Legal Items when you are introduced to a PACMe(s) or admitted to a party

or event or Club Arrangements;


PM understands and agrees gifts are for Legal Items only and not an agreement or contract for sexual services, (that would be illegal, anyone engaging in soliciting for illegal services for money will be removed with no refund);


PM understands and agrees not to give any PACMe(s) any personal information and that doing so or asking for personal information constitutes a violation of this Membership Agreement and could result in being removed from Club Arrangements with no refund of any gift donated;

personal information includes but not limited to phone numbers, real name (other than what is listed on membership card), online profiles like Instagram or Facebook, and the like. It is

understood and agreed by PM that sharing personal info damages members and PAC and any members found sharing personal info will be liable for damages incurred by PAC and members.

Should members want to contact other members, contact should be conducted through the club provided contacts: such as our emails, phone numbers, lifestyle, and other online sites; etc. Nicknames are used at Club Arrangements therefore any name given or used by members should be considered fictitious. Any member witnessing another member violating the Membership Agreement is responsible to protect the PAC by reporting the violation immediately to any PAC manager. Failure to report violations could result in termination of membership with no return of gifts and could also result in being liable for damages caused by failure to report. Thank you for understanding how important privacy is to all PAC members and understanding how privacy allows the member to explore their interests without fear of public ramifications or violations of each member's privacy or PAC's privacy. 


PACMe understands and agrees not to talk to anyone under any circumstances except fellow members about specific activities that occur or will occur at any of these Club Arrangements and then only to discuss them at club arranged events and PM agree to invite someone to an upcoming event, to simply send them to this website or bring them to the event. 



PACMe affirms that they have the legal right to view and possess adult material in their community;


PM understands and agrees not to attempt to pay for any illegal services nor to attempt to induce any PACMe to accept payment for illegal services in association with any activities at Club Arrangements or with anyone PM is introduced to that is associated with this site or with any Club Arrangements.


PACMe affirms that they have the legal right to view and possess adult material in your community;


PM understands and agrees not to try pay for  nor to induce anyone to accept payment for anything other than Legal Item in association with any activities at Club Arrangements or with anyone you meet that is associated with this site or with any members;



PM affirms that by submitting the Membership Form they show their willingness to become a member of PAC and to uphold Membership rules. PM affirms that all of the information you are supplying on the membership form is accurate and true; PM understands and agrees PAC is an organization that is not open to the public and it is a private members-only organization with rights protected by the Constitution of the United States;


PM understands and agrees that PAC is not responsible for the conduct of its members either at an Introduction or at any Club Arrangements. as a result, PM understands and agrees that all members waive any and all rights and claims for damages against PAC whatsoever and for any purpose for losses or causes of action against PAC arising out of any Club Arrangements, referral, or member to member activity; and members indemnifies and agree to hold PAC harmless from any and all claims of damage

whatsoever resulting from ANY and all PAC activities. 


PM agrees that their health is excellent and that they are HIV negative and hepatitis negative. If PM has health issues of any kind, PM should indicate health issues in the Membership form in the Additional Info / Message section along with any remedy or health representative in the event of health problem. PACMe acknowledges PAC cannot be held responsible for health issues and emergency medical assistance contacts even when this information is given to PAC. PAC management will make an attempt to notify appropriate local government medical emergency assistance and is not liable for any other action. No health issue indicated where specified indicates PM's health is excellent.


PACMe understands and agrees that there are no PAC gift or donation refunds once an introduction has been made, PACMe may only receive a refund of fees/gifts prior to attending Club Arrangements, if there is a problem with any Club Arrangements, in the interest

of keeping satisfied members, some consideration may be given to waiving daily

usage fees portion of gift for the next Club Arrangements PACMe is interested in.


PACMe understands that PAC reserves the right to exclude admission to any Club Arrangements or membership to anyone for any reason or to revoke a membership at any time for any reason whatsoever. PAC agrees to furnish notices of gatherings by email or text; members agree to accept those notices. 


PACMe understands and agrees that PAC will furnish at least one introduction to a member with similar alternate relationship interest each month that member is active and up to date with PAC dues and fees.


PACMe understands and agrees that membership will either be emailed or delivered in person by a representative from PAC or the member you are being introduced to at Club Arrangements. PACMe understands and agrees gift is not for a member PM is being introduced to.


PACMe understands and agrees that by completing the Membership Form under any name or any identity whatsoever and accepting Club Arrangements in person with one of PAC members or PAC representatives that whoever shows up to accept Club Arrangements is bound by the Membership Agreement.


End Membership Agreement

Updated Feb 2021




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